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Food for thought

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Food for thought

Do you agree that virtually every idea, theory or method that is of a great benefit to mankind today, came from a lone man or woman who was one-eyed passionate about following what their obsession was?

Other than chemicals, do you know of any big multi national companies who have come up with anything that has been proven itself to save our salt, erosion or water table problems ?

Can you recall the government ever standing with, or behind a lone man or woman who have proven theories to help our land crisis?

Is it true they just keep giving billions of dollars to overseas companies who have yet still to come up with anything that really works over time?

Do you think the government should allocate funds to fund and research different ideas that credible people come up with to save our environment crisis? At least seriously check them out and if proven, implement them?

Why don't they?

Think about it!

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