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Any questions or comments you have about Natural Sequence Farming processes. These could include general questions or ones about your personal problems.

We do not endorse any answers from anyone in this forum except Peter Andrews himself.

Please remember, Natural Sequence Farming has to be tailored for your specific problem and to follow general advice may create more problems for you.

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Posting in the Forum

Post by webmaster » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:21 am

The forum is here for you and ONLY for Natural Sequence Farming questions, answers and discussions. Anything else will be deleted and the IP number banned.

Please feel free to ask or present anything on that subject and hopefully you will have other members join in with you.

The idea of the forum is to connect those of you who believe there is a very high chance that NSF is the answer for many of your own and/or Australia's water and enironmental problems.

WE DO NOT NECESSARILY AGREE nor DISAGREE with anything on this forum therefore we will NOT enter into any discussions about anything posted here.

Whatever you give or get from this forum is your own responsibility, not of the forum or any of its administration or members.

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