Flat land

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Shirley Henderson
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Post by Shirley Henderson » Fri May 07, 2010 7:26 am

Mr Dumaresq is on the right track. Dont forget shrubs, sub shrubs, herbs and grasses which Peter points out in his book keeps the water table higher. Yes Brett let us know if you have any salinity problems. This is interesting.

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Revelation time

Post by brettmtl » Thu May 20, 2010 2:02 pm

Hi Shirley and Angela, thanks both for your input

My land in not affected by salinity, not sure about the quality of the water table below. Though as I will reveal I think it must be good.

There is salt affected landscape about 3 km away.

I want to share what happened yesterday.

I was thinking of selling my land and yesterday drove there and met with a real estate agent and before he left I was convinced of selling.

I then thought I will go for one last walk over land and say my farewells. I was walking along the first swale not expecting to see anything, when bang, I saw this thing growing in mulch that didn't look like grass, as I got closer, I realised it was one of the Mountain Ash seedlings, growing and thriving.

The last time I watered these seedlings was in Dec, so they have had no irrigation for 6 months and grew through summer with no assistance. I burst into tears as all the emotion of the past 3 years welled up within me. Here was a clear and definite sign from God that I am on the right track. I thought of the movie 'Field of Dream', build it and they will come. Or the story of Skidboot, the amazing dog. Youtube it.

This is what filled my senses

I then raced around the other swales and counted a total of 3 Mountain Ash seedlings and 1 blackwood. I thought how good is God and then gave my praise to Jesus and God, they are the best. My prayers have been answered, I know that the vision I was given is anointed by God, I don't need any other confirmation.

I then knew, I am the steward of these plants and there is no way I can sell this land.

I then went over to the shipping container and noticed something very interesting. At the base is all green, here is another sign that there is more than enough moisture around to sustain any type of forest. They say this land receives less than 600mm of rain per year. This only counts rainfall and doesn't count the moisture in the air.

From my observations, the moisture collects on the container at night and waters the ground below. This is symbolic of what trees do and is a sign of what will happen to this land when the Mountain Ash grow and at night will water the understory.

I recently became engaged to the most wonderful woman and to celebrate we are having a tree planting engagement celebration on this land.

I would like to extend the invite to all people on this forum to come along, plants some trees, make some seedballs, bonfire celebration and view this soon to be rainforest,
It is time to celebrate and that is why I would love to invite everyone who has witnessed this journey.

Date: Sunday June 27th 10am - 4pm

Come together to celebrate in a fun filled environment.
All welcome, family, friends and children.
Chance to get down dirty and have fun in nature, involves planting Mountain Ash and Blackwood seedlings and making seedballs.

Lunch provided, tea, coffee and marshmallows all day to keep you nice and warm and focused.

What to bring: Warm clothes, gloves, any hand tools that will help with planting.

RSVP by Friday the 18th of June for catering purposes

If you are interested, please message me and I will send further details

Brett :D

ps If anyone has seed they would like to contribute to the seedballs, please private message. Would prefer pittosporum, acacia, casuarina, white cypress pine and some other hardy species for the boundary windbreak. Thanks Shirley for the seeds will send my address

Shirley Henderson
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Post by Shirley Henderson » Thu May 20, 2010 5:39 pm

Brett I am so happy to see that you have become inspired once again. I will collect fresh seed for you. I will see what else I can come up with that is suitable. I have some clematis (vines) I work amongst all this stuff and should be able to find some stuff that will do well. Just plant your forest. Nature will take care of the rest. I find my direction is guided often by unexpected surprises. Your trees look fantastic and so healthy. I will be supporting and watching from a distance. I hope you get some helpers as it sound like good fun!.

Ian James
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Re: Flat land

Post by Ian James » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:48 pm

Wow, If you need inspiration Brett and even if you don't have a read of this story.
started in 1992 and funded through the initial Kyoto protocol funding, an 8000 ha plot of dry desert savanna was planted against all expectations to a pine Forrest.

The result has been such a total mind blowing success of turning desert into productive job creating , rain bringing life abundant healthy forrest that the Columbian President has allocated another 45000 Ha to be planted and drawn up plans to plant the entire 6.3 million Ha of Columbian savanna to Forrest.

Read the report and weep tears of hope and joy!


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