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Make a noise!

Post by Ian James » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:50 pm

Greg, This is what I did, I contacted the state rural newspaper and told one of the journalists that I had been doing some experiments and described a bit about what I hoped to achieve.

He was interested enough and came out to have a look and take a few photos.

He wrote an atticle about what he had seen and what I had told him and sent it to me to edit.
At the end of his article I added that Peter Andrews was going to be visiting my farm and that I would hold a field walk to showcase my trials.

The next week the article ran and a few weeks later we held the field walk.

As soon as the field walk was over I anounced that we were going to hold a meeting to form an NSF association.

A good group were inspired to join and we took it from there.

It was fun!

Give it a go.

Jodi''s dad told me once when I wondered out loud if I should bring attention to myself. He said

"Remember Ian, Its the squeeky door that gets the oil"

Now I dont think twice about making a noise about what I am doing because all my experiences since have been very positive.

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