Understand why willows are worth fighting for;understand NSF

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Ian James
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Understand why willows are worth fighting for;understand NSF

Post by Ian James » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:04 am

Aspects of NSF are being taken up by all sorts of farmers in varying degrees.

This is the success that NSF is having.

There may not be an identifiable ground swell uptake of orthodox NSF principals per se but make no mistake, NSF is out there and is being noticed by more and more farmers both conventional and those searching the frontiers of the biological food web, soil and environmental landscape health.

You may be concerned that by sticking to and promoting orthodox NSF principals we may be alienating some of those we seek to enlist and convert but I tell you here and now, those involved in the cut throat economic reality of agricultural business will take notice and examine all trials and results that NSF adherents can produce and as these methods show their worth they will be incorporated gradually and thoroughly into all aspects of modern agriculture and landcare.

It is essential that we promote and advance the core principals of orthodox NSF because we are the guardians of the gift that Peter Andrews has created.

100% uptake of his methods and principals is definitely the goal but realistically, those who follow will pick, choose, trial and test all aspects of Peter's theories and they will find through trial and error those methods that they are most easily and economically able to incorporate into their enterprises and from this their faith in the methods will grow and further boundaries of NSF understanding will be explored and adopted.

If we do not strongly promote, clearly and loudly an orthodox approach to NSF then the message will be blurred and vague and those that wish to follow and trial will become confused as to what is exactly NSF is and what it is not. In this situation, who will know what to trial and how implement NSF principals into their farming systems.

Peter has shown himself to be an immensely deep and thorough thinker of incredible and astounding genius.

His delivery may appear to some to be rough or course but this is simply due to what is our great fortune, that he is not a product of the scientific educational system and has not learnt to speak the speak, he has not had the misfortune of many others to have had his mind and his manner moulded, conformed and gilded so that his thinking and genius becomes disguised and tempered to the point that it is totally indistinguishable and unremarkable from those other extruded scientists of the guild who jealously defend their factory made, production line mantras of fact.

This is exactly the great unpricable value of that which Peter has given us, the very uniqueness of his vision and the strength of the man to follow that vision and the gift of his nature that he fought to find his voice and enlighten us.

This is what we are fighting for, this idea, this hard won truth, those that follow this wisdom will do as they will but it is not for us who have taken the challenge to spread and teach to pick and choose which of Peter's ideas we like and those we don't. It is our role to teach and promote understanding of his vision in its purest form so that others may understand the vision as we have and then be emancipated to use that wisdom as best they are able in each and every landscape they encounter.

Understand this; Peter's vision is now the property of the global conscious. It will morph and it will grow and like a religion it will survive because to those of us who understand, our salvation depends on it.

The war on willows and our stance against it is the frontier of the concious understanding of what NSF is, the very coal face, understand why willows are worth fighting for and you understand NSF.

This is the ground we choose to stand and defend.

So, NO! :evil:

Do not destroy the willow; nature has been tested through two hundred thousand million years and more. You scientific nit wits! You think you know better with your twenty years of knowledge. I think NOT!

Nature is repairing your damage in ways you do not understand. Stand back and listen, do you not feel the power of two hundred thousand million years of selection?

THIS is credibility.

How dare you claim to know more? HOW DARE YOU?

Go eat some humility.

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