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It Takes me back

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:44 pm
by webmaster
Written by Lonnie about his life as a teenager on his family's sheep station in Rowena (between Collarenebri and Burren Junction) and his leaving for the city to become one of Australia's Legends of Popular Music.

The chorus was and still is a farmers mantra..... the creeks don't run run run..

Released in 2008 on the Starlite Records CD 'North West Mail'.

It takes me back - Lonnie Lee

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:58 pm
by leigh0180
I love how life stories are put into music as an inspiration.

Re: It Takes me back

Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:03 pm
by christineb1979
Thank you for the nice music...