Organic farm stores more carbon that it emits

This is such an important issue which will no doubt effect all of us one way or the other once governments get their way.

The serious introduction of NSF however, would have an incredible positive effect on the numbers being thrown around out there.

Because so many subscribers on this forum have passionate ideas about this subject, I thought we should open an area which would be dedicated to this subject only.

That way, the thousands of visitors we get to to this site, will be able to see quite quickly what postive effects NSF would have if more land owners instigated its principles.

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Organic farm stores more carbon that it emits

Post by webmaster » Mon May 04, 2015 4:59 pm

Peter has been saying this for years..

but either no one listens or they think he's crazy...

Governments would rather look for ways that cost fortunes.

It is a no brainer.. but then you have to believe or at least have faith and hope.... ... -Latest%29
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