Taking the plunge

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Taking the plunge

Post by bio-future » Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:58 am


My Wife and I are city slickers.

We have identified some land and would like to make the shift to the country.
First up we are greenies. Not useless hippies - my background is IT. Will that be helpful in a rural setting?
Also what vehicle licenses will be needed to work locally in the wheatbelt?

I figure a lot of you are rolling your eyes and thinking - here comes a sucker...but I have a good brain. I subscribe to both NSF and Permaculture and have identified a block of land which is patronised by farmers looking for some extra cropping land.

Will farmers using my land(agistment) be open to organic techniques instead of super phosphate etc? Or will I have to just accept the status quo?

My wife and I think that city living is not for us. Even threatened by peak oil and other modern pressures. I'd love to hear the opinions of farmers.

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