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Peter Andrews with Ray Martin on Channel 9's Sunday Program

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:34 pm
by duane
Peter Andrews on Sunday, 11th November

Sunday is widely regarded as the most respected public affairs program on Australian commercial television.

Broadcast nationally every Sunday morning at 9am, its unique two-hour format offers viewers a mix that includes local and overseas news, politics, in-depth stories on issues affecting Australia and the world, plus film reviews, arts features and music.

On November 11 at 9am, 2007 Peter will be the subject of the cover story run by Ray Martin

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:42 am
by duane
Chain of Ponds
November 11, 2007
Reporter :Ray Martin

Reporter: Ray Martin

Water management has become the sleeper issue in this election.

The Government and the Opposition have agreed on the $10 billion plan for the Murray-Darling Basin, so the water debate has been minimal.

But out in the bush, water and how it should be used is a life-and-death issue.

Many farmers are threatened with depleted supplies and they fear that even heavy rain won't help because the drought and changing weather conditions seem unstoppable.

Peter Andrews believes he has a system that could change the way we think about water storage. For years he's had a dream to repair the bush and bring sustainable water to properties all over the country.

His method has been in use in a number of locations and shows no sign of failure, but it does test the traditionalists who argue that Andrew's use of weeds and willows to trap water go against all agricultural advice.

His supporters, including Gerry Harvey, all claim there is no doubt his system works, Harvey says "I'm not going to muck around with Peter Andrews if I don't think he's right."

Harvey is happy to show the success he's had on his property, comparing his pastures with those of his neighbour.

This chain of ponds system takes the land back to the way it was before clearing and drainage dried out pastures.

Don Burke tells Sunday's Ray Martin that this system really works and says Andrews is right and it's something we should all take notice of.

Taken from ninemsn website 11/11/07

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:25 am
by duane
To see a video streaming version of last sundays program on NSF with Ray Martin click on ... nd:1:ff:8A

It may take a while to download so please be patient.