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The Thompson's

Post by ColinJEly » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:34 pm

This is relevant to all our farmer members, particularly those who are attempting to farm in WA. Matt and Janet Thompson emigrated from the US to Narrogin in WA and established a business, Narrogin Beef Producers. After getting approval from council and the WA government and setting up their business, they were suddenly told that their conditions had changed and their numbers had been drastically cut, making them no longer economic. One of the things cited was 'smell, now there is an established piggery at Narrogin, so how are you supposed to distinguish where a smell, if any, is coming from. While they have been fighting their case with council and the WA Department of Environment and Conservation, they were served with papers from the National Bank, giving them FOUR days to quit the property. This is a family with four small children, where are they supposed to go and what are they supposed to do over the weekend!


Angela Helleren
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Re: The Thompson's

Post by Angela Helleren » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:10 am

Colin, reading your post I went looking for more info and thought this link expanded on the issue.

They are so popular in Narrogin that:
900 people signed a petition in their support (that was back in 2007 when they were running with 10,000 cattle).
People give Matt $50 notes in the street and tell him to keep fighting.
The local shire has written in support urging the DEC to allow them to run the full 14,490 capacity they have works approval for.
Barry Carbon who wrote the 1986 EPA legislation chaired a local committee and also supports them and agrees they should have permission to run.
Their two closest neighbours want them to stay and increase their cattle holdings up to the original design.
6000 recordings of smells taken in the town show the odours are not unusual or a problem. Most days no one in town can smell anything.
We have raised $30,000 around the world in a week to support their children. Many people in the US are appalled at what’s happened to them. They are asking why Australians would do this.

This family are being destroyed by a few complainants (with a lot of help from the DEC), all of the complainants moved to a rural area, near to a piggery, but now complain that they don’t like the smell. Some of those who complain even moved in after the Thompsons Beef feedlot was set up. Some of those who complain have also applied to rezone their land so they can subdivide.

There are only 21 substantiated complaints.

So.....Whats going on in WA? The last sentence of the last paragraph (above) suggests the likely suspects (developers). No doubt should they get their way, the piggery will be on their target list.

Does anyone have an update on the family's current situation?

Colin do you remember the Kilsyth Dogs Home that had been open for many, many eventually had to move when the council allowed homes to be built next door.(10-15 years ago??...) People bought into the area knowing the dogs home was there...yet, then complained about the noise and smell until they were forced to close. Not sure whether they ended up reopening elsewhere.
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