Weeds and Lime

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Beli Mawr
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Weeds and Lime

Post by Beli Mawr » Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:17 pm

I've just finished reading the (so before its time) book "Weeds - Guardians of the Soil." Actually downloaded it from the nsf site and I can see so many similarities between Cocannouer over 50 years ago and Peter now. Quirky book, but a must read.

My question though surrounds the use of lime to remineralise the soil. In Back from the Brink, Peter advises a friend that the $$$ he spent on liming his soil was probably a waste of time and money, but yet Cocannouer, whose views on weeds are entirely consistent with nsf, is quite adamant (albeit without explanation) that lime is a critical component of rebuilding the fibrous soil "sponge."

Any views/comments?

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