World climate centers have falsified info relative to CO2

This is such an important issue which will no doubt effect all of us one way or the other once governments get their way.

The serious introduction of NSF however, would have an incredible positive effect on the numbers being thrown around out there.

Because so many subscribers on this forum have passionate ideas about this subject, I thought we should open an area which would be dedicated to this subject only.

That way, the thousands of visitors we get to to this site, will be able to see quite quickly what postive effects NSF would have if more land owners instigated its principles.

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World climate centers have falsified info relative to CO2

Post by PeterAndrews » Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:27 pm

The world climate environment centers have been shown to have falsified information relative to CO2.

The simple scientific and practical understanding of CO2 is that it has about a 3 % thermal capacity of what water has. In the management of water, plants are the critical element!

As water is managed by plants in the landscape, the climate changes dramatically as you would experience walking from a barren piece of land into a rainforest or, walking from a sun drenched area to a cloud shaded area.

The clear difference should be obvious to anyone running that simple experiment. Consequently, when we take plants out of the environment, we make a huge different to the potential of climate.

What we are hearing about these days is that it is this 3% that’s making the difference!

There has been no consideration given to the 97% which would be attributed to water & plants, and yet they manage salinity and all the health giving processes of landscape function, as well as obviously modifying the climate, reducing storm potential and erosion.

What we don’t hear as well, is that every piece of erosion that’s tipping sediment from the land into the sea would help to raise the sea level!

On the other hand, ice is an expanding process. When it goes into the sea, it makes very little difference to the level.

So, we need to exercise common sense and remember that around us every day, there are obvious things that we are not being accurately informed of.

Peter Andrews

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