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Peter Andrews

Behind the scenes...

May 2 2015

There are many cycles in the past that have severely damaged our farmer. When I decided to risk my assets and life, I determined that I would act truthfully – a necessary feature of this procedure It is absolutely vital for my sanity to continue along that path.
I am prepared to permit an independent group to analyse my past actions. The people who raised me and made me what I am plus all farmers deserve no less from me. Enough evidence exists that the planet is in trouble. This continent naturally experienced similar disasters and evolved solutions. I have always requested that this all be tested.
Peter Andrews

November 6th 2009

There has been a breach of Duty of Care by all connected to the national management and allocation of water in this country. We will be extending all the qualifying science to this statement. The facts have been examined by leading scientists from Germany and the Czech republic and confirmed by leading Australian scientists.

August 22nd 2009

This morning John Hewson on AM agenda announced that the whole carbon process could be managed by sensible agriculture.  All Australia’s present carbon emissions sequested into agriculture.

This is only the beginning! An examination of the efficiencies of the Australian landscape reveals:-

 Those carbons in the surfical layers of soil were as much as 20,000 years old and 38% in that surfcial system! 

  1. There is clear scientific evidence that the world’s atmospheric carbon, once the Australian landscape efficiencies are recognized, could be sequested into climatic and vegetative cycles achieving a pre-industrial carbon level in 10 to 20 years!!

  1. A book revealed by the ABC,  has pointed out the history of water in Australia!

It starts by identifying that the tank stream system and a magnificent wetland in the region of Central Park in Sydney, was drained by an Irishman, devastating Sydney’s water supply. A  proliferation of mistakes have followed.

These are based on the European understanding of the freezing and thawing cycles of Europe, thereby creating a regulated landscape system.  Where the plants thawed in the valley were able to receive the slow release fertilizer of the processed residue of the leaf drop that occurred in autumn, motivated by the thawing water.  On the other hand Australia’s landscape, “the land of droughts and flooding rains” (Dorothy McKeller) had a random system triggered by rain events.  The landscape responded by first eliminating hard hoofed animals that had an impact on vegetation.

This meant that in the absence of those hard hoofed animals, the plants had the carriage of being able to block the flow lines.  In the long hours of sunlight the growth was so vigorous that these flow lines impeded the periodic flood cycles, so that the water tracked through the higher areas of our sedimentary landscape, this facilitated a series of cone or stepped water  bodies, and as they flattened out due to gravity, were able to repeat the orderly system of water release as would have happened after freezing and thawing.

The primary reason Europeans made such fundamental error is that the water tracked through the higher areas of the sediments where the greatest amount of energy existed and therefore the coarsest particles were deposited in the high areas, facilitating a process physically the opposite to what would be expected in Europe.

This has resulted in a set of laws based on European understandings that are completely non functional, under these Australian landscape functions

            Inappropriate expenditure of taxpayers money

This has resulted in laws, and water management systems that has cost the Australian taxpayer BILLIONS! And threatens their heritage!!

There is absolutely no question that the scientific evidence is available to qualify all these claims! 

When compared to historic and archeological evidence there are no anomalies in this hypothesis.

The truth file intends over the next few weeks to continually reveal the evolution of 30 years of physical evidence to quality every claim including processes under the auspices of the Federal and the Tax Department where this was revealed to the Australian public.

We are hoping that a sensible understanding of these principles can be achieved, but in the absence of that all names, processes and individuals involved in the dereliction of their duties will appear on this site!

We are prepared to recognize that humans make mistakes, those prepared to recognize honest mistakes and develop strategies to improve the situation are dealing within the expectations of human societies.  Thos people failing to do this are recognized as criminals. Watch this space!!

We welcome your interest

Peter Andrews - 14th January 2009

The collapse of the financial system in 2008 was predicated on the actions of the sub prime investments of greedy banks and institutions and investors.

The greedy banks and institutions and investors of the day, caused the loss of my property after the successful completion of the R&D project in 95/97.

During this time in the 90’s there was a rout going on of a monumental scale. The Australian Government lost billions of dollars to money speculators who saw the flaws in the taxation benefits, which could give investors a massive return at the expense of the researcher (which was me).

I completed all my obligations under the I R & D rules and I have been advised by AusIndustry that the scientific trials I ran were successfully completed.

The fact that the investors and marketers decided not to commercialise meant that fraudulent claims were made against me, which caused the loss of my life’s work, my family, my horses, and all my assets.

I am intending to expose all the people who were involved in this deception to expose their names publicly and the roles they played just as the perpetrators of the sub prime are being exposed to the public at present.

All of this stands on the public record, which I am going to make public over the coming weeks.


Peter Andrews - 4th November 2008

Australia, the land of droughts and flooding rains, became the oldest landscape in the world by achieving the most efficient landscape functions known. I realised over thirty years ago, that the processes that contributed to that efficiency were almost the opposite to the then land management strategies as they are still to the present day.  After first demonstrating the sustainable management of those systems, I publicised the results in 1984.

To my horror, more people chose to steal my demonstrations than to help make the results available to the world. So, I decided to do a syndicated R &D, to involve the government, the tax department and as many high profile business leaders as possible.

I reasoned, that if change was to be affected, the support of our leaders was necessary. Once again, a lack of integrity ruled. I mentioned integrity because I was drawing attention to the real landscape components and processes demonstrated in the landscape and involving all climatic extremes. I requested that an independent assessment be undertaken and was told by the members of the syndicate that they were not interested. It must be realised that our present environmental laws do not permit the exploitation of some of the essential landscape components, such as, reinstating the processes of the floodplains (grass covered dams).

The current world financial crisis demonstrates the same human failing…. i.e., a lack of integrity, as occurred in the R & D program.  Finance, is just a means of rationalising a value on items of trade. The destruction of the environment means the destruction of society itself. As the present financial meltdown affects the whole world, so to will the current environmental destruction affect the whole world.

All people make mistakes. Those who recognise this and make restitution for their mistakes, society forgives. We are now confronted with a desperate need for people to act responsibly and to co-operate under a banner of common sense, co-operation and integrity. There is no longer any time for human societies to ignore the need for co-operation in environmental management.

This notification begins a national and international club whose charter is co-operation and integrity. The membership fees to this club will guarantee that the very best people can be compensated for their assistance in scrutinising the information to be released to members. Members are assured that no commercial connections will influence those people charged with assessing this information that will be available to them.


The sequences of landscape functions.

In 400 B.C. Gouyu, an ancient Chinese text, spelt out some profound observations of landscape destruction by the actions of man. The text observed “If you over exploit the high forests, the forests at the foot of the mountain will be destroyed; the swamps will be exhausted; the people’s strength will be used up; the fields will become devoid of crops and full of weeds; resources will have be squandered; the gentlemen will continually express shock and regret, more over how will it be possible to have any happiness”.

There are four basic landscape components in the Gouyu’s observations which run in sequence;

1) large trees at the top of the hydrology, and

2) scrub and weeds, both of which convert sunlight and atmosphere into environmental products. Those products are further processed in

3) wetlands (swamp), where more sunlight and atmosphere are added, and then, finally, water moves the soluble results to the

4) fields at the bottom of the hydrology.

Good gardeners, mulch farmers (and users of compost teas) use similar processes.

Humans have destroyed landscapes in all climatic regions of the world by not respecting the basic landscape observations above.

But the Australian landscape, with its droughts and flooding rains, demonstrates three essential components; green surface areas (carbon production), water movement of that carbon and the daily water cycle (dew).

These 3 things are critical but are never part of any landscape assessment or farm planning.


Australia Day January 26th 2008

A Personal Letter from Peter

I'd like to thank everybody who has contributed to the development and understanding of Australia's natural landscape functions, especially its amazing efficiencies and abilities to teach us major components for greenhouse management.

I also sincerely thank all who have been compromised
in this endevour.

Thank you also to those who have nominated me for awards
and I wish that all who have contributed,
get the reward of a sustainable future.

Let us all declare that the time for talking is over
and that this site will now give credit for results
and reveal those who might seek to disrupt this
process which is an international and national team effort.

Happy Australia Day


Remember, integrity and cooperation
is the only chance this planet has today.


February 28 2008

From Peter..

"The Truth is that this country's heritage is being squandered. There is clear and irrefutable visual evidence in Australia's geomorphological history and in it's archelogical evidence that the present land management strategies are ruining the best aspects of this unique and special landscape.

It would seem impossible for those charged with the responsibility of establishing a sustainable direction for Australian agriculture and best practice land management, are likely to achieve it, before the ineitable environmental disaster overtakes us.

I am confident that all the necessary information is available to tell us how to achieve a sustainable outcome in our rural landscape and I am currently seeking those people in the legal profession, with the desire and capability, to support the world's best people and science, to help bring about A CHANGE."


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