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Welcome to Peter Andrews Natural Sequence Farming site!


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Strategic notes for April field day

On Jan 26th 2011 Peter Andrews was awarded Australia's highest public award. The Order of Australia Medal. We all congratulate him for finally being recognised by his country and hope that this will be the turning point to see his theory of Natural Sequence Farming be implemented more freely among Government and Council departments.

Due to the ongoing incredible success of Peter's ABCTV's 'Australian Story', ABC Books released a paperback of 288 pages titled, 'Back from the Brink'. It describes his motivation and gives an overall description of the Natural Sequence Farming process. The book is still a best seller and is in great demand with well over 85,000 already sold.


Thev new book, 'Beyond the Brink' has now also broken records and both are available here with overnight delivery service.

Beyond the brink
Back from the brink

Whilst Peter has been on virtually every Current Affair show over the last few years, none had the impact that his 4 episodes of Australian Story had. It shows the wonderful work he has done for many years in his Tarwyn Park property at Bylong NSW and the more recent transformation he has given Gerry Harvey's stud 'Baramul', in the Widden Valley.

It just proves what we all knew. The general public who care about these things, are interested to know more. We know many of you are at the stage where everything you have tried has failed, so you are open to any reasonable options. Yet, even with the small amount shown on the program, most seem to agree that Peter's 'option', is more than a 'reasonable' one. You have told us in your thousands, you want to help and you want to know more.

This is the place to register your desire to assist if we need it, and to find out more about the project and it's journey through the research and bureaucratic administration process.

By the way, if you have any positive or negative comments, or any questions about about the program or Peter, please register at the forum and enter them there. You can can also ask for general advice about problems you are experiencing on your own property.

This web site presents a brief overview about the man, his passion and what it can do to help restore this great country's 'landscape health'.

The online Edition of the IJW has just become available. Check out the table of contents page at......Take this link.
This will be the platform used for The University of Sydney symposium on - The New Water Paradigm: Water for an Ecologically Integrative Approach to Climate Change - has had to be rescheduled for Friday 6 May. More to come later....

Peter is one of many visionaries who over the centuries, have been called every name under the sun.

The biggest problem for any visionary has always been the 'establishment', made up of bureaucrats, politicians and others, who stand to lose face, finance or position, if they adopt ideas contrary to the ones they support.

For well over 30 years, Peter has struggled against big business, the financial and legal sector, the scientific community, the academic community, local, state and federal government bureaucrats and virtually every other man and his dog!

As his cousin and helper, amongst other things, I have sadly seen him lose his family, his personal wealth, his beloved Tarwyn Park property, hundreds of thoroughbred horses who had incredible potential, as well as much of his credibility and some say, a part of his sanity.

A couple of years ago, some funding was allocated to the project at Gerry Harvey's Baramul property and all scientific studies once again proved Peter's NSF processes are what he has been saying all these years. See here.

The administration side of NSF has been put into place and Duane Norris as Pete's PA, is flat out arranging Peter's schedule, which is nearly as hectic as ours in the entertainment industry. Virtually every month he is in every state, and addressing groups, government agencies and dignitaries such as Mikhail Gorbachev, as they discuss world environmental problems and solutions.

There are svereal documents here can be read or downloaded from linked pages and you can comment and ask questions of them in our Forum. Technical questions will be answered by Peter as his time permits.

Finally this site site is a living entity, thus it could change not just every day, but every hour depending on the information available.

Please bookmark us and come back every so often to keep up with our progress.

Remember, the NSF process will eventually belong to Australia and it will be Australians who will be the beneficiaries of Peter's genius. If you wish to help and be a part of this historic moment, please go to this form.

Thank you.

Lonnie Lee
Peter's cousin, helper, Webmaster and believer in Natural Sequence Farming.

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Peter released this on Dec 17th 2008
Here are some pertinant points which should be taken into account at this time in the Carbon Trading debate.

Scientific Facts reveal Australia could lead the world in climate change management.

The following points confirm the facts.
1. Australia could be carbon negative in a year!
2. Plants and water tables are 10 to 100 fold more productive than artificial irrigation.
3. Water quality, soil fertility, environmental balances, water availability; of the greatest efficiency, were once features of the Australian landscape.
4. Plants and water tables have more than 80% influence on climate than any other environmental component.

The above information has been checked by many leading scientists and thousands of people who have inspected demonstration sites in the Australian landscape.

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